Your reception area is the most important area of your business, here’s why;

  1. First Impressions are Lasting
    You really don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. A negative encounter needs 8 subsequent positive encounters just to bring you back to evens according to a 2011 Harvard University study. And the bad news is we usually make up our minds in the first 8 seconds. So immediate positive impact is crucial.


  1. It affects the Perception of the Services Provided

Show me an ageing reception and I expect to find an ageing doctor. Show me some contemporary décor and I expect a young one. The effect the first impression has on the perception of the services to be provided can’t be understated. Make sure your patients have the correct and positive expectations by having your reception area designed accordingly.

  1. Mood Swings

In the Reception you have a captive audience. Here you have the control to create the mood. Use this to create a calm, relaxed and professional atmosphere. Soothing colours, comfortable chairs, informative entertainment and reading material. The attitude of your receptionist is integral to this and vitally important. Here you have the influence to get your patient in a calm disposition and ready to focus on and absorb the advice he is going to receive in your Consult Room.

  1. Target Market

Your target market should have a big influence on the design of your Reception area. Even the number of waiting chairs. You would need less in a CBD practice where patients are likely to come alone than in the suburbs where family members may accompany. In some cultures, it is rare for a patient to go alone for healthcare treatment. Make sure the décor is in sync with your target market otherwise it could alienate them. This is particularly important if buying an existing practice and refurbishing.

  1. Last Longer

Don’t skimp on the materials used in Reception. Save money in Consult Rooms but it is vital that the materials used in Reception, on the floor, on the reception counter and in the furniture is commercial grade and well maintained. As we said in Point 2, a worn-out reception gives the impression of worn-out service. There are cheaper alternatives to all the finishes, but I would recommend staying with the tried and trusted brand names in Reception


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